What Is CC Cream What Does It Do

CC cream is similar to BB cream, also it has more coverage. The “CC” means “color control” or “complexion corrector" you find more information at our post about CC crem!

What Is CC Cream What Does It Do
What Is CC Cream What Does It Do

What is CC Cream?

Like BB creams, CC creams are creams that have a fine concealer, regulate and even out skin tone. CC creams, which stands for “color corrector”, that is, a color editor, have different colors that are produced for different functions, in addition to BB creams. Colored CC creams can be applied locally according to the problem of the skin, as well as applied to the entire face.

What Does It Do CC Cream ?

For example, a green CC cream is used to neutralize a pimple mark or reddened skin in red tones. A cream of salmon color, on the other hand, closes dark circles. In short, we can say that it is used to close and equalize the tone differences in the skin.

The basic colors used to neutralize color differences and inequalities in the skin are as follows;

  • Salmon color CC cream for bruises and dark circles under the eyes,
  • Green color CC cream to cover red skin, skin rashes and acne scars,
  • Yellow CC cream is again for blueness and bruises on the skin, especially under the eyes,
  • Lilac-colored CC cream is used to eliminate the appearance of dull skin.

There are also CC creams that are skin-colored, just like BB creams and foundations. In the same way, these products are also products used to even out skin color, close skin imperfections, and moisturize the skin. They have many similarities with BB creams. Although there are no colors suitable for very different skin tones, there are usually light, medium and dark color options. Although it does not have the right color for your skin tone, it integrates with the skin after application to adapt to your skin color.

Effects of CC Cream

We have mentioned that it evens out the color differences in the skin, however, most of the CC creams that also have a restorative and moisturizing property also have a protective function against sunlight, that is, a sun protection factor (SPF). They can serve as a beautiful base under the foundation, as well as be used alone. They are ideal for those who do not prefer products with a heavy structure and intense concealer for daily use.

How Should It be Applied CC Cream ?

As with any cosmetic product, when choosing a cream, you need to choose a product that suits your skin and your needs. CC creams, like foundation and BB creams, can be applied with a brush and sponge, but when you apply it lightly on your face with your fingertips, you will make it integrate with your skin and stand more evenly thanks to the heat of your body.