Tips for Applying Lipstick

Tips to consider when applying lipstick

Tips for Applying Lipstick
Tips for Applying Lipstick, how to apply lipstick coreectly
  • Are you out of your favorite lipstick? See her again before throwing! Most often there is some product left at the bottom of the container, you can easily take the remaining product and apply it with the help of a thin-tipped brush.
  • Be sure to moisturize your lips before applying all lipsticks, especially matte ones. After applying lip balm, you can remove the excess with your own hands, it will also have an effect on the durability of lipstick.
  • No matter what color lipstick you use, apply a lighter concealer or foundation than your skin color to the edges of your lips with a thin brush, then distribute it outward to make your lipstick clearer after applying, especially to make your dark lipstick look flawless. So you will have made a sharp frame.
  • If you have a naturally vibrant lip color, neutralize your lips with a foundation or concealer before applying your lipstick so that the original color of the lipstick is completely revealed.

How to applying lipstick, to permanent color

  • In order for your lipstick to be more permanent, apply foundation or concealer to your lips, then apply translucent powder, and then apply your lipstick. Thus, you will have a permanent lipstick all day long.
  • Another tactic to increase the durability of your lipstick is to apply lip liner to your lips, close to the color of your lipstick. Frame your lip with lip liner and fill them in, then apply your lipstick. Your lipstick will be extra permanent because lip pencils contain powder.

Before Applying Lipstick Do the Peeling!

To make your lips look fuller, you can exfoliate them with lip balm or coconut oil before applying your lipstick. Then brush your softened lips nicely with a mascara brush that you don't use or a clean toothbrush that has been washed and cleaned. Jul, you can use a toothbrush that has a soft brush to clean your lips and then use a toothbrush that has a soft brush to clean your lips. So your lips will be cleansed of dead skin and look fuller.

As another method of lip peeling, we can recommend sugar and poppy. Sugar can scratch your lips if you apply it harshly, as it has a crystalline structure. Poppy, on the other hand, is much more suitable for peeling, as it has a softer and rounded granular structure.

If you are looking for a little change when applying lipstick, you can try the method that Koreans often use. To do this, completely cover and neutralize your lips with foundation or concealer. Paint only the inside of your lips with a lipstick of lip color or shades of red. Next, gently distribute the lipstick in the middle with your fingertips towards the outer parts of the lips. So you can get a smaller and cute lip appearance.

After applying a transparent lip balm to your lips, you can apply the lipstick you took on your finger on the lip balm to capture the image as if you had applied a very light lipstick or just lip balm. Applying it with your finger, you will get a light image. You can also soften its edges and surface with an ear stick. So your lipstick will look like your own color of lips.

If you want to get a prominent frame and a softening image towards the middle; After applying lip balm all over your lips, contour your lips inward with lip liner. Again, when you distribute it inward with the help of your finger or ear stick, you will get a natural lipstick appearance that has sharper lines on the outside but softens inward.

In order for your bright lipsticks to last longer; after applying your lipstick, remove the excess with a napkin or paper towel, after applying the second layer, do the same again and apply the third layer. In this way, your bright and moisturizing lipsticks will be much more permanent.

To Achieve the Appearance of Matte Lipstick

After applying the lipstick, cover your lips with a single layer of a napkin or tissue paper, lightly press it on the lipstick and fix it with any transparent powder without moving it. Carefully pull out the napkin and your matte lipstick is ready!

As a better method, you can apply the translucent powder directly to your lips after applying your lipstick. But this application can change the color of lipstick. Finally; when matting your lips, you can apply blush or shadow similar to your lipstick to your lips with the help of a brush so that it does not lose its color.