The Secret of Healthy Hair For Women

Discover all the details you need for your hair and scalp care. The Secret of Healthy Hair For Women. Keep reading!

The Secret of Healthy Hair For Women
Healthy Hair

Getting healthy hair is through regular maintenance routines and the use of the right products in the right ways. And do you care enough about the health of your hair? By getting the right care routine and applying these treatments regularly to your hair, you can get healthier, livelier and brighter hair.

In order for your hair to be soft, vibrant and shiny, many factors are important, from how you dry the hair to the temperature of your rinse water. Of course, some of the most prominent among them are choosing the shampoo that suits the needs of your hair and your hair type Let's explore the details you need to add to your grooming routine to get healthy hair.

Use shampoo for your hair needs

Using the shampoo you use regularly is very important for your hair to get used to the contents of the shampoo and increase the effect. At this point, it is useful to make it a routine to use this shampoo after choosing a shampoo that suits your hair type and your hair needs.

The temperature of the water in which you wash your hair is important

Yes, you have chosen your shampoo. Next is how to use it. Apply the shampoo to your wet hair and scalp by gently massaging and rinse thoroughly. The temperature of the water you use to rinse your hair is also very important for vitality. Excessive hot water can dry your hair strands and scalp. This, in turn, leads to more lifeless and dull-looking hair. That's why it's so important to set the temperature of the water you use in the shower to warm.

Dry your hair correctly and be careful when combing

After washing, it's time to comb and dry the hair. First of all, if you comb your hair immediately after a shower, you should give up this habit. It happens in one of the situations when the hair is most vulnerable when it is wet. Any hard movement can lead to fractures and ruptures. Combing while dry, on the other hand, can disrupt the structure of your hair, causing it to become electrified and swell. The best time to comb your hair is when it is slightly damp. Also make sure that the comb you are using also matches the shape and structure of your hair.

You can leave the heat drying aside if you are not in a hurry. After getting out of the shower, try to remove excess water by pressing and pulling a soft towel into your hair. Do not wrap the towel around your head. This process can also cause your hair strands to break off.

If you need to use a dryer, keep the heat setting low and do not put the machine too close to your hair.

Reduce the use of styling tools with heat

If you use styling tools with heat, such as straightening tongs, when styling your hair, you can try to reduce the use of these tools. Excess heat can burn your hair and cause breakage. You can apply a heat-protective product to your hair when you need to use it.

Finally: By making a moisturizing mask for your hair 1 time per week, you can also maintain the moisture needs of your hair and scalp.

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