Secrets of Care For Sensitive Skin

Discover the rules of care that you should pay attention to if you have sensitive skin. Secrets of Care For Sensitive Skin.

Secrets of Care For Sensitive Skin
Secrets of Care For Sensitive Skin

Although it is not known exactly what causes sensitive skin, the skin of people with this skin type is quite prone to irritation. The reasons are usually considered to be due to genetic characteristics, immunity, environmental and life factors. Especially when the weather cools down and the seasons change, the skin may dry out and along with dryness, peeling and exfoliation of the skin may also occur. Sensitive skin can also cause redness, discoloration of the skin, and some skin problems. It is possible to avoid possible problems with a correct skin care routine.

Make sure your skin is sensitive

If you have just started to encounter the problem of dryness and irritation, the reason may be that your skin has turned into a sensitive skin type, as well as a temporary process. In addition, if irritations and rashes have increased, you may also be experiencing not only an allergy problem. Observe your skin for several weeks. At this time, you can try to  give a break using the products you are using. During the few days that we call skin fasting, you can try the application where you take a break from all skin care and makeup product. If your skin has improved during this time, it may be time to use different products. If irritation, dryness and skin problems are serious, you can also consult a dermatologist.

Keep your sunscreen with you

In fact, it is important to use sunscreen that applies to all skin types, it stands out even more if you have sensitive skin. Protecting yourself from the harmful rays of the sun is among the first rules of skin. Therefore, do not forget to use sunscreen even in the winter season. You can give preference to a gentle product with a warning of sensitive skin.

Use mild cleansing products

The wrong products and harsh chemicals are one of the most important reasons to peel off the skin's natural protective barrier and make you more susceptible to allergens and irritants. So be careful when choosing your skin cleanser. Dove Beauty Bar cleanses your skin with the soft cleansers it contains on the one hand and cares for your skin on the other hand. With ¼ moisturizing cream content, it helps your face and body become softer, smoother and radiant.

Moisturize your skin often

Moisture is considered to be among the most effective  of restoring dry skin and preventing possible skin problems. You can protect it by providing the moisture your skin needs. Be sure to apply your moisturizer especially at night before going to bed and when you wake up in the morning. Since the skin regenerates and repairs itself at night, it can complete this task more easily when you apply a moisturizer.

Remove hot water from your life

Hot water is one of the factors that causes dry skin to dry out more. It can also have a negative effect not only on the skin, but also on the hair. So make it a habit to use warm water instead of too hot water in the shower when cleaning your skin and washing your face. When drying your face, prefer microfiber or soft towels instead of hard towels. Hard materials can cause scratching of the skin and irritation of overly sensitive skin.

Effective care routine for sensitive skin

Let's move on to how and when you can correctly implement all the stages mentioned above;

Step 1: Cleaning

You can try to take a break for a while from a thorough Decontamination, in which there are peelings. Especially if you have problems such as irritation and redness on your skin, hard substances in peels can damage your skin. Instead, you can get help from gentle cleaners. Try to make cleaning a routine in the morning and evening.

Step 2: Treatment

Having found out what your skin needs, try to go over it. For example, if the problem you are experiencing is just a problem of dryness, you can use intensive moisturizers. You can also get help from hyaluronic acid to soothe an irritated skin.

Step 3: Protection

We talked about the importance of sunscreen cream. It is important that you use your sunscreen even at home. The solar lights coming in through the window and even the blue lights emitted from the computer and phone cause negative effects on your skin. So when you wake up and clean your skin, apply your sunscreen cream immediately.

Step 4: Moisturizing

Never skip moisturizing. After applying the sunscreen cream, wait a few minutes for it to be absorbed by your skin, and then apply your moisturizer. Moist skin also helps to balance the fat content. In order to moisturize itself, the skin produces more oil, and this oil can fill the pores, causing acne. So moisturize your skin thoroughly in the morning and at night.