Perfect Smokey and Misty Eye Makeup in 5 Steps

Discover how to make smokey eye makeup for misty looks. Perfect Smokey and Misty Eye Makeup in 5 Steps

Perfect Smokey and Misty Eye Makeup in 5 Steps
Smokey eye makeup

With the pandemic, the mask truth has been taking place in our lives for more than 2 years. Due to the fact that we wear masks during the day, makeup habits and trends have also changed a lot in this process. Since the eyes are the part that remains open from the masks, the focus points in the 2021 makeup trends have become eye makeup. One of the most remarkable eye makeup options is undoubtedly a smokey makeup type that we call smokey makeup. It is actually quite easy to make smokey eye makeup that seems difficult to apply, dominated by black colors, adding a misty and attractive look.

The cosmetic products you will need

  • Concealer
  • Eyeshadow brush
  • Eyeshadow blending brush
  • Black eyeliner
  • Mascara
  • A palette of Eyeshadow in close to each other and in dark tones

Smokey eye makeup step by step

after completing the materials you need, you can proceed to the application.

Step 1: Prepare primer and concealer

Always start with a base for your eye makeup. primer helps to ensure a long lasting durability by preventing your eyeshadow from filling up between the lines during the day. After applying some thin and soft concealer, you can smooth your eyelid and eye contour. You can also apply a cream-colored pencil to your eyelash bottoms instead of concealer, and then distribute it with the help of a brush. This process can also increase both the durability and intensity of the eyeshadow you are driving.

Step 2: Apply the eyeshadow

The most important point of smokey eye makeup is to choose the right colors. For a classic smokey eye makeup, you can choose black, gray and coffee shades. For a little difference, you can also try pearlescent red and copper shades. Then, taking the color of your choice with a flat eyeshadow brush, apply it so that its intensity increases from the bottoms to the eye fountain. You can apply the shadow slightly above your fold area, it is important not to get too close to your eyebrows. Don't forget to apply the color of your choice just below your eyelash bottoms to ensure integrity.

Step 3: Add dimension

You have applied different shades of eyeshadows to your eye, concentrating from the outer corner to the inside.To avoid this sharp appearance, you should thoroughly mix your eyeshadow.With a blending brush, gently blend all the colors on your eyelid together.You can also make the eyeshadow spread more evenly by applying circular motions.If you need to add a little more pigment to certain parts of your eye, you can repeat the same procedures.

Step 4: Highlight it with eyeliner

After the eyeshadow applying process is over, you can make a sketch for your eyeliner with a black eyeshadow. Because it will be easier to distribute than gel eyeliners, creating a primer with the help of a brush and a eyeshadow can prevent possible dispersions. The thickness of your eyeliner is also completely up to you. If you like the shape you made with the eyeshadow, you can proceed to the last step, following the same line as with a gel eyeliner.

Step 5: Complete with mascara

Of course, mascara is also among the most important steps of eye makeup. Apply your mascara starting from the bottom of your eyelashes to make your smokey eye makeup look more defined and add charm to your gaze. Do not forget also about your lower eyelashes.

Do not forget to remove makeup from your eyes at the end of the day.