Nyx Pore Filler Pore Concealer Makeup Primer

Nyx Pore Filler Pore Concealer Makeup Primer Review

Nyx Pore Filler Pore Concealer Makeup Primer
Nyx Pore Filler Pore Concealer Makeup Primer

Today I will tell you about some of Nyx's famous pore concealers, the Pore Filler makeup Primer. This is some of Nyx's most loved and best-selling makeup. As the name of this product suggests, it is a Primer that those who have pore problems are very curious about, those who use it faint and say that it should be taken without fail. So I finally succumbed to my curiosity and bought some of this.

First of all, I want to say that I don't have a lot of pore problems, but I have acquired some that I think will be useful for people I use makeup for, and I also experienced it myself and commented on here.

The product comes in a white, small tube. Because the packaging is not hard, you can use the product to the fullest by squeezing it so that it is not hard. although 20 ml may seem like a little at first, a tiny piece is enough for the places where I apply it. Nyx's own site also says that it should be applied only to problem areas. If you apply it to your entire face, both the product will end quickly and a dull skin appearance may occur. The Nyx brand does not experiment on animals, and like this product, most of its products are vegan.

nyx pore filler;

It shrinks the pores in the area where it is applied, makes your skin look smooth, like in photos with blur effects and filters, reduces the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines and imperfections.

Although the product has a skin color, its color disappears when you spread it, it does not give any color. Its structure is silicone, but it is soft, slippery, almost like foam. As it leaves the tube, it comes out piece by piece and lumpy, but when it spreads, it becomes completely smooth.

Let's take a look to my comments on nyx pore filler;

I applied this pruduct only to the areas where my pores are dense, that is, to the edges of my nose. I can say that it really shrinks the pores, but it didn't have the effect of making me say ”wow” like that. I also applied it to a friend who had a pore problem to try it out, and the result was not much different for him either.

Yes, it really shrinks the pores, but I don't think it completely destroys them. I bought this product hoping that it would also benefit from problems such as acne scars and fine lines, especially when buying, but there was also no very noticeable change in acne scars and the appearance of fine lines. Maybe I was expecting too much from the product so I was a little disappointed.

As a result, I can not say that I will never buy a completely useless Primer, as I said earlier, there was a shrinkage of the pores, but it did not completely destroy it. Nevertheless, when I applied foundation on it, it really gave a blur effect. Especially those who use powdered foundation know that after applying the foundation, it fills into the pores and does not create a pleasant image at all. The fact is that some of them you can even use for a sheer blur effect. It can also be used to create a barrier between your skin and the foundation so that the foundation does not look “cakey”. Decollete cream can also be used to create a barrier between your skin and the foundation.

I can't say that the Primer increases the durability of makeup, and there is no such promise anyway. You already know that the Benefit brand is an analogue of the famous Porefessional Primer. Some people who use both say that Pore Filler is even better than Porefessional. I can't make a comment because I haven't tried Porefessional, but I want to buy it as soon as possible and comment here.

Have you tried some of these? I would appreciate it if you would share your experiences with us in the comments. You can also send us the products you want me to review as a comment or by filling out the form on our comment section. See you in my next post. Goodbye :)