Makeup Removal Guide

For an immaculate skin you need to pay attention to. The Makeup Removal Guide take a look our post!

Makeup Removal Guide
Makeup Removal Guide

You know that a good complexion begins with a thorough cleansing, but sometimes it can be difficult to remove all the makeup, no matter how much you clean it. Situations where you do not pay attention, the use of the wrong products, insufficient care for the pores lead to makeup residues. The remnants of makeup also cause skin problems...

Use products that are suitable for your skin

If you have oily skin, you should choose products that will not lubricate it more, provide a matte appearance, and if you have dry skin, on the contrary, you should choose products that will not dry it more. There is definitely a cleansing product for every skin type. You can also try makeup wipes.

You can also get help from a konjac sponge during the process of cleansing your skin. This skin care product has functions such as tightening the pores on the skin, eliminating problems such as acne, and balancing the oil / dryness ratio on the skin.

Take extra care of your eyes

Mascara is one of the most difficult materials to remove. Because the skin around the eyes is thin and sensitive, if you are getting rid of your eye makeup by rubbing it, you may be damaging your skin. Cotton pads are the right helpers for cleaning your eye makeup. As a cleanser, you can also choose oil-based or dual-phase cleansers, especially for the eyes. Never pull out stubborn pieces of mascara with your hands either.

Don't forget to clean your hairline

One of the forgotten places when cleaning makeup are the hair bottoms. This, in turn, accumulates makeup residue around the hairlines and leads to clogged pores. That's why don't forget to clean your hair lines, the edges of your ears, your chin and neck by wearing a hair band on your hair during makeup cleaning.

Get rid of residues with steam heat

after the cleaning process, if there are any residues that have escaped your eyes, you can get rid of these residues with steam. It will help the steam cleaner penetrate deeper into the skin, which will relax your pores. Fill your sink or a bowl with hot water and leave your face on this water for a minute or two. Last but not least, wash your face with cool water.

If you are using a different alternative instead of steam heat, you can also try a double-stage cleaning from recent trends. This is an application where the skin is cleaned twice with water- and oil-based makeup remover products.

And finally, do not forget to use a face tonic. The tonic will help the moisturizer that you will apply last to get well trapped in your skin.

Be sure to moisturize your skin

Even if the cleansers you use are moisturizing-effective or oil-based, don't forget to moisturize your skin after cleaning makeup. A skin that is left without moisture begins to overproduce sebum, the skin's natural oil, and this excess sebum fills the pores, causing problems such as acne and blackheads to occur.