I Heart Revolution Turkish Delight Eyeshadow Palette Review

We are with you with our very detailed examination of the heart revolution with its unique colors. We love the colors, the quality is not deteriorating, so let's examine the palette together. I Heart Revolution Turkish Delight Eyeshadow Palette Review...

I Heart Revolution Turkish Delight Eyeshadow Palette Review
I Heart Revolution Turkish Delight Eyeshadow Palette

Today I will tell you about the recently released Turkish Delight eyeshadow palette from the I Heart Revolution brand. Even the name of the palette can be a factor for us to get it. The names of the eyeshadow in it are also very beautiful separately. I especially like Baklava. The eyeshadow really smell like rose delight. Unfortunately, I forgot to photograph it before I pinched the eyeshadow. Forgive me this time. As you know, I Heart Revolution is a sub-brand of the Makeup Revolution brand. It's great that he doesn't experiment on animals! As with other palettes of this brand, it stole my heart at first sight with its chocolate-like packaging and pearlescent fuchsia color. I think having a mirror in it is also a huge plus. Products with a mirror are very useful to me.

Turkish Delight eyeshadow palette is colorful

As you can see, the palette consists of vivid colors. At first I was hesitant to buy it, thinking that I would never use it, but then I couldn't resist the temptation and bought it. The palette consists of 18 eyeshadow in total. Nine of these eyeshadow are pearlescent, five are matte, and the remaining four are compressed, that is, sim-shaped. Pearlescent eyeshadow are not considered very, very successful in terms of pigmentation, at least they remain weak when compared with other palettes of the Revolution brand. The structure of matte eyeshadow is very soft and their pigmentation is high, they scatter beautifully and they don't dust much.

As for the compressed glitters, it's a little difficult to hold on to the eyelid without some glitter underneath. It is almost never taken with a brush with synthetic bristles, it is best to apply it with a flat brush with natural bristles. I'm using Inglot's 16PP or Mac's 239 brushes for this. And when I tried to take it with my finger, the sims stuck to my finger and did not pass through my eyelid. In general, I can say that I found the silvery eyeshadow a little troublesome. But despite everything, it's a nice palette, I don't regret buying it at all.

I like the palette in general, I can say that the price is quite successful in performance, with a single headlight palette, you get eyeshadow of 3 different structures. Although it may seem that it is not very suitable for daily use, you can do both daily makeup and remove many different makeup with matte and pearlescent colors inside. My favorite out of the entire palette was glitter called Exquisite. It is the most creamy in structure compared to other glitters and is easy to apply. There is no mention of its color and sparkle, you can see it from the photos anyway. I applied it to my eyelids and loved the way it stood. When I got tired of the same earthy-toned makeup all the time, my hand started going to this palette. Colorful make-ups and glitters are the trend of this year. If you are tired of makeup in the same shades all the time, you can get this fun palette and keep up with this year's trend.