how to shape eyebrows for natural look

how to shape eyebrows for natural look Get ready to receive compliments on your eyebrows!

how to shape eyebrows for natural look
how to shape eyebrows

One of the most desired beauty trends of recent times is plump eyebrows... If you don't have bushy eyebrows, you may be wondering how those with this look achieve this. Our eyebrows have adapted to many different trends over the years (think about the 90s) and eventually turned into a natural trend that will almost not even require applying tweezers to them . No matter where you stand on this issue, we have great news for you. No matter what your eyebrow features are, it's pretty easy to create a natural and complete eyebrow look!

Learn expert tips and the right makeup tricks to help you master the look of plump and puffy eyebrows. These important steps are at the level that anyone can do at home.

Get help from eyelash glue to natural look eyebrows

For the first step of a fuller eyebrow look, apply a very small amount of latex-free eyelash glue to your eyebrows. Apply the glue exactly to your eyebrows, then press down on the hairs to help them stick up, stay that way. This will help keep the shape of your eyebrow hairs. If you don't have glue at hand, you can use eyebrow gel to get the same look. Be sure to apply the gel in several layers to make sure that each eyebrow strand is properly covered.

After gluing, you can comb your eyebrows with a mascara brush or eyebrow comb to make the hairs lie flat. Gently comb them until your eyebrows take shape and the glue dries, then make sure there is not too much residue left to clean.

Add some extra moves

Some of us have bushy eyebrows, some of us don't... if your eyebrows aren't bushy, you should use an eyebrow pencil that helps create lines that mimic the look of natural eyebrow hair. You can fill the noticeable gaps on your eyebrows with a pencil that matches your eyebrow color. Light strokes, moving upwards in the direction of the extension of your natural eyebrows, will help you create your eyebrow shape. Make sure you have control over every beat. If you are not sure that you can do it, you can start very lightly with a pencil, after gaining confidence, you can go over the strokes again.

Which one to choose?can't figure out Look at the roots of your natural hair color and choose a slightly lighter shade than it is for your eyebrows. Imitating your hair color as much as you can will help your eyebrows not to look too prominent. If your eyebrow color is dark, you can go to slightly lighter colors on the eyebrow. To get the right color, you may need to experiment a few times.

The tail of eyebrows is importance

When it comes to making the eyebrows look complete, the eyebrow tail is quite important.The trick to ensuring this is to bend your wrist very slightly.So you can effectively draw the tail of the eyebrow, making it look natural.If you don't know where to start, focus on shortening and easing your movement in this step.So you can keep adding colors as you progress. Think of all these trials as tracking the tail. Your eyebrow shape will look flawless when you are finally ready!

Hide and highlight

Finally, applying a concealer touch around the eyebrows with a small makeup brush can make a noticeable difference. Lightly stroke the brush on your favorite concealer and apply it around your eyebrows (at the top, under the brow bone). The great thing about this tip is that it works in two ways: So you can hide any mistakes you've made and make highlights to make your eyebrows stand out more.