How to Make a Daily Makeup

It is a topic that is discussed how our makeup should be, both in business and in everyday life. How to make a daily makeup, the recipe of which is given by many? we also wanted to add a comment to his question...

How to Make a Daily Makeup
Daily Makeup

How to Make a Daily Makeup, What Should Be Paid Attention to?

It is an application that we make for women to feel good about ourselves at first. In addition to feeling good about ourselves, makeup gives us a chance to express ourselves. At the same time, makeup also helps us feel beautiful and attractive. But not every style of makeup is suitable for every place. So, how to make a daily make-up, what shades should be used and what to look for?

Start Makeup With a Clean Face Jul

It is very important that we start by cleaning our face like any other makeup when doing daily makeup. First, let's clean our face nicely with a cleanser suitable for our skin type to get rid of possible makeup residues and dirt. The second most important step is to moisturize our skin beautifully. Again, we can proceed to the makeup step after saturating our skin with moisture with a moisturizer suitable for our skin type. Our skin type makeup and foundation, even BB, CC cream are also of great importance in our choices. For example, if you have dry skin, you can choose moisturizing, if you have oily or combination skin, you can choose matting bases. Although applying makeup is not a very important step for daily makeup, I especially recommend that people with oily skin use it to increase the durability of makeup and prevent the skin from greasing and shining during the day.

Choose the Right Product For Imperfections On Your Face

Most women may not want to use foundation when doing daily makeup. Now there is a wide range of products that we can use instead of foundation. Colored moisturizers of many brands, BB and CC creams have already taken the place of foundation in our daily make-up.

I also don't really prefer to use heavy foundations on a daily basis, I like to use a colored moisturizer instead. But problem skin that does not close with a colored moisturizer, BB or CC cream can, of course, use foundation. But this does not mean that if you have spotty or stained skin, you should definitely cover it with a full concealer foundation. This is entirely your choice. You can use a light product and close the imperfections on your skin with the help of a concealer. After this application, you can avoid the tired look by applying concealer for custody bruises and rings, if any.

Especially if you have very dark under-eye bruises, you can get rid of bruises and rings to a large extent by using a color corrector, orange and salmon shades correcter before applying a concealer suitable for your skin color. I recommend Correcter application only for those who have very dark under-eyes in daily makeup. After lightening our under eyes with a concealer suitable for our skin color or one tone lighter than our skin color, we can gently fix our face and under eyes with a transparent powder. Of course, dry skin can skip this step.

Style Your Daily Makeup Using the Right Colors

When applying daily makeup, we should avoid applying intense contours. However, if we want to size up our face, we can make a light application under our cheekbones, at the bottom of our hair, at the edges of our nose and on our chin with powder contour powders or bronzers that are not too warm tones. The choice of blush should be determined according to our skin color. Pink and peach shades always suit white and wheat-skinned people. Brunettes, on the other hand, may prefer blushes with bronze and peach tones. We can brighten the places on our face that we want to stand out with an illuminating powder.

For example, applying lightening to places such as the top of our cheekbones, eye springs, the top of our nasal bone, the tip of the nose, and the top of the lips makes makeup look very different and beautiful. After completing the skin makeup, eye makeup is next. Of course, let's not forget about the eyebrows before we move on to the eyes. If you don't have very sparse and thin eyebrows, you can fix your eyebrows with colored or transparent eyebrow gels. But if you have thin and sparse eyebrows like me, you can first fill in the gaps slightly with an eyebrow shadow or eyebrow pencil that matches your eyebrow and hair color, and then fix it with eyebrow gel.

Things To Be Considered

Too pretentious eye makeup should not be preferred for daily use. Coffee, nude and earthy shades of headlights will be more suitable for everyday make-up. But if you have oily eyelids or you want your eye makeup to look more vivid and last until the end of the day, you can use any eyeshadow before applying the headlight.

# Distribute a shadow of light coffee shades over the eye fold area with a blending brush. Then tint your eyelid with a matte or pearlescent, bone-colored, light pink, peach or bronze eyeshadow and mix the two shadows together again with a blending brush.

# You can finish the headlight application at this point, and you can also choose to give a shadow to the outer corners with a medium-toned brown headlight. I don't really prefer to use eyeliner in daily makeup, but you can choose. If you are going to apply eyeliner, avoid using eyeliner that is too thick and tailed. Thus, you will not be distracted from naturalness.

# Mascara is the most important detail in eye makeup. It is very important to highlight our eyes with mascara, especially since we do not use pretentious colors when we do daily makeup. But we should avoid sticking eyelashes together too much by applying mascara layer by layer, especially when doing daily makeup. For this, we can achieve the desired effect in daily makeup with mascaras that separate the eyelashes one by one and give them volume.

Matte, Nude Lipsticks For a Natural Look on The Lips

Lips makeup is also very important when applying makeup, but we should not choose to use lipsticks that are too pretentious, for example, red, burgundy tones. Instead, nude colors that are closer to the skin color, shades such as rosehip, peach should be preferred. One thing to know before applying lipstick is that a moisturizer should be applied to keep the lips moist.

Lipstick applied without a moisturizer can exfoliate and fall off within a certain period of time. For this reason, it is very important to moisturize the lips with lip creams or lip balms. If you can't refresh your makeup for a long time while applying daily makeup, you can increase the durability of your lipstick by choosing matte lipsticks. Matte lipsticks can dry the lips, but if we moisten them before lipstick, we can prevent drying as much as possible.