How To Do Professional Cat Eye Makeup

Professional Cat Eye Makeup The understanding of beauty is relative, like many other things. Creatures in nature also have ways to make themselves look more beautiful and behaves to being noticed and selected.

How To Do Professional Cat Eye Makeup
Professional Cat Eye Makeup

Professional Cat Eye Makeup

The understanding of beauty is relative, like many other things. There is also a phenomenon of showing oneself more beautiful, being noticed and selected, as well as behavior patterns and ornamentation in living things in nature. Just as the eye is the door to the world, the gaze is not just for seeing. There are such looks that the meaning is deep. The gaze of a happy person and the gaze of a desperate, depressed, loveless, hating person are different from each other.

Women in all ages do makeup, decorated, adorned, wanted to show themselves better, attractive. The purpose of make-up is to close the flaws, as well as to make the points that are beautiful even more noticeable. The types of makeup also change from year to year, a different trend of each year appears and is followed. The most classic and number one style of eye makeup is cat's eye makeup and it is done with eyeliner, the eyes are attractive and effective like cat's eyes at the end of the makeup.

Noticeably attractive eyes with eyeliner

If the eye shape and eyelashes do not become noticeable, then the makeup will be incomplete. Even with a simple daily make-up, the eyes are first handled and revealed with an eyeliner, albeit a little. Ladies who have time and want to make a little more detailed makeup with eyeliner draw a line with a tail or without a tail, sometimes thin, sometimes thicker, extending from the edges of the eyes to the eyebrows. The most interesting eye makeup that can be done with eyeliner is the cat's eye. Those who have carefully looked at the photos or images of lions, tigers, cheetahs, leopards and cats that are members of the feline family in documentaries will see how pleasant and distinct their eyes are, just like someone hand-drawn, they have black sliders with tails. For this reason, members of felines, especially cats, are animals whose eyes are attractive enough to be inspired. The contour of the cat's eyes is dark black and curved. Here is an attempt to get interesting looks inspired by this eye structure with cat eye makeup.

How to do a cat's eye makeup

Cat eye makeup, which is a classic eye makeup style that will not go out of fashion easily, is often used by women of the art world. Although it is not very easy to make, mistakes will be made when applying it, after a while the hand habit will be acquired, it will be done quickly and correctly. The following tips will be useful for beginners in makeup, those who are wondering if they are doing it right, those who want to be able to catch effective cat-eye glances.

For make-up, the skin must first be prepared, concealer should be applied under the eyes and eyelids.
If it is desired to add some depth to the eyes, to get a foggy look, a shade should be made with dark shades of a gray or brown headlight, taking care that there is a smooth color transition towards the outer edges of the eyelid along with a light headlight.
With a black liquid or pencil-shaped eyeliner, a thin or thick, but preferably medium-thick line should be drawn from the eye socket, that is, from the inner corner, starting from the other end, following the eyelash bottoms of the upper eyelids.

Drawing a line without moving it at all in one move is not an easy task. Gradually continuing the line, when the middle of the eyelid is reached, the border of the line should be slightly raised, continue to the outer part and complete with a tail.
By applying the same moves to the other eye, a neat eyeliner should be drawn and the cat eye makeup should be continued. The makeup of both eyes should be symmetrical.
It should not be feared to make mistakes, because the overflowed parts can be corrected with a slightly damp cotton swab or with the help of transparent lip concealer. Concealers suitable for skin color will also work in this regard.

Eyeliner or a slightly black pencil should also be used on the eyelash bottoms of the lower eyelid or the inside of the eye as a complement. This procedure will make the eyes look bigger.
Eyelashes should also not be forgotten, plump eyelashes should be obtained by applying black mascara twice in a row. If there is a habit of using an eyelash curler, the eyelash curling process should be completed after painting the bottoms with eyeliner.
If a little lightener is also used under the eyebrows, the black cat eye makeup will be even more noticeable and will look perfect.
Finally, it is recommended to use a transparent powder with a suitable sized brush to make the makeup last for a long time and fix it. Transparent powder will make the skin shine and prevent makeup from falling apart.
Makeup will be completed by applying a nude color care product to the lips or lipstick of a different color, perhaps red, perhaps more suitable for the outfit to be worn.

In those who have eyes of blue or green color, the cat's eye makeup looks more expressive. Those who are going to attend a crazy party or a special invitation at night can look more stunning in cat eye makeup using metallic shiny headlights.

P.S.: Those who cannot manage to use eyeliner can also apply cat eye makeup with an intense black pencil called jet black. Drawing the parts to be crossed out lightly with a black pencil first and applying eyeliner on top of it will also make it easier for those who are at the initial stage. It is also possible to make a flawless cat's eye makeup using eyeliner riding templates or apparatuses.
The curved parts of the credit card or even the spoon can also be used as an aid in making the eyeliner tail and the cat's eye makeup as a whole correctly.