How to Do Eye Makeup in Earthy Shades ?

Whether it is night makeup or daily makeup, the earthy color shows its magnificent effect in any situation and offers an elegant look. Earth Toned Eye Makeup keep reading!

How to Do Eye Makeup in Earthy Shades ?
Earth Toned Eye Makeup

How to Do Eye Makeup in Earthy Tones ? Expert Advices

The makeup you will do with shades such as cream, bronze, beige and brown will give you a pure, pure beauty. If you wish, now let's clarify some of the curiosities about making up in earthy tones.

How to Do Eye Makeup in Earthy Tones Step By Step

  • To prepare our skin for makeup, we need to clean it beautifully and moisturize it. Makeup applied to damp skin will be more persistent. After the moisturizing procedure, a foundation suitable for the skin type should be applied. The use of concealer should not be neglected to close the underside of the eyes and hide flaws. Earthy shades, which are among the warm Dec, are often used in everyday makeup.
  • Cream headlights, which are indispensable for those who want to make an intense but natural eye makeup, are perfectly suitable for this makeup with beige, bronze and brown shades. If you want, this cream, which you can easily apply with your hand with a headlight brush, will quickly disperse the headlights. These headlights, which retain their durability for a long time after fixing, are one of the biggest supporters of your beauty.
  • If you have a palette of headlights, you will have more options when doing eye makeup. In this way, you will be able to find all the earth colors in the same place and you will be able to make a great eye makeup in earth tones by choosing the color you want according to your style and mood. For your daily makeup, you can opt for more shimmering and light headlights, and for a foggy night make-up, you can turn to dark brown. Matte brown headlights with shimmering colors such as bronze and gold will look very good on each other.
  • If you want to makeup in earthy tones, a blush in the tone of earthy that you will use on your cheeks will be very useful to you. Your makeup will look in one tone and more pretentious. If you are going to ask which earthy tone blush is more beautiful, it is recommended to use Maybelline Fit Me 10 Buff color blush. If you apply it together with a bronzer, it adds a natural glow to your skin.
  • If you like to use an earth tone lipstick in your daily makeup, listen to our recommendations: If you wish, use the Color Sensational 745 Wooden Brown with a satin finish in a creamy structure, which is one of the highlights of Maybelline lipsticks. You can safely try the coffee nude shade, which adapts to any skin tone. It both makes your lips look lively and prevents them from drying out.
  • Or 911 Smooth Walnut, which is included in the Maybelline Tattoo Liner Gel eye pencils, can be easily used in eye makeup made with earthy tones. It is a light eyeliner, but it is quite capable. When it is fixed, it maintains its durability all day by showing the same tattoo effect. Apply this pencil randomly on your eyelash bottoms and distribute it immediately. It has a soft formula, so you won't have any trouble distributing it. Your misty gaze will deeply affect those who see it. On the other hand, your makeup will manage to stay steady all day.

How its Eye Makeup be in Earthy Tones ?

The condition of this makeup is to make the eyes prominent. Brown shades are most often used in eye makeup, where earthy tones are more intense. In particular, brown and green eyes can make their gaze more effective in this way. To evenly distribute the color of the eyeshadow applied to the eyelid, help should be obtained from the dispersing brush. Thus, toning of the eyelid can be done easily. The colors used when approaching from the outside to the inside should be from dark to light. If you like glitter, you can use bright eyeshadows in coffee tones. In order for your eyes to look bigger, you can also put very light illuminators or eye lights on your eye springs.