How To Do Cut Crease Eye Makeup For Beginners

How To Do Cut Crease Eye Makeup For Beginners? Let's look at one of the most popular makeup trends of recent times, the cut crease makeup trend, which is used to make the eyes look more prominent and colorful.

How To Do Cut Crease Eye Makeup For Beginners
How To Do Cut Crease Eye Makeup For Beginners

Cut crease, one of the first examples that comes to mind when it comes to eye makeup, will reveal the eyes clearly when applied correctly. In addition to making the eyes prominent, this trend is also preferred to achieve fun makeup looks. Using your creativity, you can make a wide variety of cut crease make-ups with many different colors.

How to do cut crease eye makeup ?

  1. First, a foundation or concealer is applied to the entire eyelid.
  2. For convenience, the bone color can be fixed with a headlamp or any powder for convenience when applying the headlamp to the fold area.
  3. The transition color selected for the folding, that is, the “crease” zone, is distributed beautifully.
  4. With a color darker than the transition color applied to the fold zone, the headlight is applied to the top of the headlight in the crease zone so that it is thinner.
  5. Now it's time to “cut out” the main thing - crease :)
  6. If possible, with a concealer or angled eyeliner brush with synthetic bristles, the fold area is cut with white or the lightest concealer you have on hand; you can use any eye brush you are comfortable with to do this.
  7. Take the concealer on your brush in sufficient quantity and draw a short line to the fold zone.
  8. Then, if you open your eyes and look up carefully, the concealer will move to the fold zone, that is, it will sort of get infected, it will show you exactly where to start drawing the line.
  9. After determining the place where you are going to cut, that is, draw a line, very carefully with your brush, draw a straight line as far as possible from the inside of the eye to the end of the eyelid.
  10. After your line is smooth enough, clean the area below the line again with the concealer and concealer brush, that is, apply the concealer to that part (eyeliner).
  11. You can place the colors or colors that you will use in the cover section the way you want. You can use a single-color headlight, as well as use multiple colors side by side, distributing their transitions beautifully.
  12. If you want to draw eyeliner, you can apply it as a thin line, so as not to overshadow the headlights you are driving. When taken properly, it will look very good on the cut crease appearance.
  13. Applying false eyelashes completely changes the appearance when cut crease eye makeup is done, it almost reveals the makeup done and makes it look really beautiful. If you have false eyelashes at hand, we recommend that you definitely use them in this look.
  14. Finally, you can apply one of the headlights you use to your lower eyelash bottoms or more than one shadow as a gradient and complete the look.

Although this makeup is not suitable for everyday use, it is perfect for you if you like to make-up and like to try new things. Although its construction is very laborious, it will improve your creativity and also allow you to have a fun time. At first you may not be able to get professional “looks” this is quite natural, as you practice, your hand will get used to it and you will be able to practice more easily and successfully.