How to Clean a Makeup Sponge

Some tips about the How to Clean a Makeup Sponge so take a look!

How to Clean a Makeup Sponge
How to Clean a Makeup Sponge

As you know, makeup sponges have become the products that almost every woman who does makeup uses. It is an undeniable fact that they make it easier to apply makeup. They work wonders especially when applying products such as foundation and concealer. In addition, the cleanliness and hygiene of these multifunctional makeup sponges, which can be used even when “baking” with face base, headlight base, liquid or cream blush and brightener, cream contour or even powder powder, is really very important for our skin health.

We need to clean our makeup sponges nicely before and after each use. If we don't clean it, bacteria can grow on it and even inside the sponge, and as we apply it repeatedly with a dirty sponge, pimples, blackheads and oil buttons may form on our skin.

In this article, we will tell you about how makeup sponges should be cleaned and a few methods used. Of course, we will not miss the method that works the most and is our favorite.

Methods for Cleaning Makeup Sponges

  • Cleaning The Makeup Sponge With Baby Shampoo
  • Cleaning A Makeup Sponge With Olive Oil And Dishwashing Liquid
  • Cleaning Makeup Sponge By Microwave Method
  • Cleaning Makeup Sponge With Facial Cleansing Gel
  • Cleaning The Makeup Sponge With Solid Soap

Cleaning The Makeup Sponge With Baby Shampoo

Let's start with the method of cleaning with baby shampoo, which I first applied many years ago:

Soak the sponge well, put some baby shampoo directly on the wet sponge, and then rub it into the palm of your hand or into the brush cleaning apparatus to foam it nicely. If necessary, perform the same procedure a second time, then rinse thoroughly until the foam has passed. With this method, you can achieve a beautiful cleaning, but especially oily foundations may not completely get rid of stains.

Cleaning A Makeup Sponge With Olive Oil And Dishwashing Liquid

Secondly, let's talk about the method of cleaning with a mixture of olive oil and dishwashing liquid. I found this method ridiculous when I first saw it on Instagram because I thought there might be some dishwashing liquid residue left on the sponge and it might damage my skin. On the positive side, the degreasing effect of dishwashing detergent will work very well when cleaning oil-based foundations.

Put a little olive oil and the same proportion of dishwashing liquid in a bowl and mix. Throw the soaked sponge into this mixture, turn it over several times and leave it for a while. After that, wash it well again with a rubbing motion and rinse it off. Be sure to rinse thoroughly because the dishwashing liquid is very foamy. You can try this method if you use cream and oil-based foundations.

Cleaning Makeup Sponge By Microwave Method

And recently, they add a little water to this mixture with olive oil and dishwashing liquid, throw the sponge in it and leave it in the microwave for 1 minute. After getting out, all the dirt from the sponge stays in the water, and when you squeeze it out, it becomes perfectly clean. I was also curious about this method and tried it, but as I saw in the videos, I didn't come across an immaculate sponge, there were stains. In addition, this method can damage your sponges, so we recommend that you consider them if you want to try it.

Cleaning Makeup Sponge With Facial Cleansing Gel

Another method is to use a facial cleansing gel. We can also clean our makeup sponges with any cleaning gel we wash our face with. For this, again, put a little face cleansing gel on the soaked sponge and wash it off by rubbing it nicely into the brush cleaning apparatus or on your hand or in the palm of your hand. Rinse thoroughly, as in other methods. Since facial cleansing gels are suitable for cleaning makeup, your sponge will be cleaned beautifully.

Cleaning The Makeup Sponge With Solid Soap

Let's get to the last and most useful method that I think works. Cleaning the sponge with solid soap! It doesn't matter if your soap may be white or transparent ones, the important thing is that it is solid in the form of mold.

Rub each side of the sponge that we wetted nicely into the solid soap and lather it nicely. Then rinse thoroughly. You will notice that even the first time the stains are easily removed. In addition, soap is rinsed very quickly compared to other methods, which is why I like this method so much that I can also save water.

The most prominent makeup sponge brand Beauty Blender has also released a solid soap-like product for sponge cleaning. But I would recommend using white soap instead of buying that expensive product, because they really have the same function.

Editor's note: Whichever of these methods you use, remove the excess water from the sponge you are rinsing with with a sheet or two of paper towel and let it dry for air, otherwise it may mold if you keep the sponges that have not dried well in a closed state.

These are the methods I've tried and I know they work. Of course, there may be many other different methods, but I think that there is no need to look for many adventures in such a matter. I especially strongly recommend that you try the soap method. I'm sure you will be satisfied with.

Do you have a different way to clean the sponge? Don't forget to share your experiences and suggestions with us in the comments section!