How To Choose Foundation According To Skin Type

how to choose foundation according to skin type ? Common question for all different color skins. First of all you must know your skin tone chart warm or cool...

How To Choose Foundation According To Skin Type
skin tone chart warm or cool

The choice of foundation is quite important depending on the skin type. For the right choice of foundation, attention should be paid to details such as cold skin undertone foundation. How to find a skin undertone in the continuation of our article…

It can sometimes be difficult to choose foundation, concealer, powder and similar products that exactly match your skin tone, especially if you prefer online shopping. Even if you keep your skin tone exactly, if the product you are taking is not compatible with your skin tone, it will leave an unpleasant image on your skin. The details that you should pay attention to when choosing foundation according to skin type are in our article!

How Should the Choice of Foundation Be Based on Skin Type:

Örneğin sarı ya da sıcak alt tonluysanız ve pembe alt tonlu bir fondöten kullanırsanız yüzünüz ve vücudunuz tamamen farklı iki renk olarak görünebilir. Kısacası cildinizin asıl tonunu bilmekle beraber alt tonunu da bilmeniz gerekmektedir. 

Although the concept of skin undertone is not a very well-known concept, in fact, every person instinctively tries to make choices that adapt to the skin undertone. For example, when choosing an outfit, things like whether the color tone turns us on, whether it looks pale, whether gold or silver suits our skin are actually details about our skin subtone.

How to Determine the Skin Subtone

First, check the inside of your wrist in an environment with proper lighting (we recommend daylight) and examine the veins in detail. If your veins have a blue or purplish color, you have a “cold”, if they have a color December the range of blue and green, you have a “neutral”, if green or olive brown, you have a “warm” undertone.

cold skin subtone

Cold Skin Subtone

  • The veins are blue or purplish in color.

  • On the other hand, the skin is dominated by textures in red, pink or blue tones.

People with a cold skin undertone;

  • They have an eye color that turns blue or gray.
  • They can have black, brown or blond hair.
  • Under sunlight, their skin looks bluish.

In people with a cold skin undertone; blue, red, pink, purple and white colors stand well. They are better to wear silver-colored jewelry than gold-colored jewelry.

Neutral Skin Tone

  • Veins have a blue and green color December.
  • The skin is dominated by pink, red, blue, yellow, golden and peach shades.

People with a neutral skin tone;

  • There is no specific classification of hair and eye color, they can have any type of hair and eye color.

People with a neutral skin undertone are actually the luckiest, because almost any color of clothes, makeup and jewelry of any color look pretty good on this type of skin undertone. In sunlight, the skin color appears greenish.

natural skin subtone

Warm Skin Subtone

  • The veins are green or olive brown.
  • On the skin, tonal ranges close to yellow, golden and peach December are observed.

People with a warm skin subtone;

  • Usually, they have brown, hazel and green eyes.
  • They carry earth tones, yellow, ecru and similar colors well.
  • Pastel and plain white tones make people with this skin undertone pale or faint.

In people with a warm skin subtone, jewelry of gold and copper color looks better than jewelry of silver color. Under sunlight, their skin acquires a yellowish color.

Choosing a foundation after determining your skin tone and skin subtone

  • In order to make the most correct choice and for the foundation to give the right result both in terms of color and posture, clean your face before shopping, remove dead skin and moisturize it, there should be no makeup residue on your face. It is the most common mistake to try to get foundation, when choosing foundation, be sure to try it at the junction of your face and neck.
  • You should try the foundation in an environment with good light, daylight provides the most beautiful lighting, when choosing a foundation, pay attention to the issue of light.
  • You should especially observe how the foundation stands on three different points; face, neck and décolleté. The face and décolleté areas are usually darker than the neck area. You should choose a color that matches the tone of these three zones.
  • When choosing a foundation, you should also not forget about your skin type. For example, if you have oily skin, if you prefer moisturizing and shiny foundations, the foundation will lubricate your face and will not create a beautiful image, even if you have captured a color that matches your skin and skin tone. If dry skin people prefer very matte and powdery foundations, a lumpy and dull skin appearance will occur.

Having made a choice of foundation in accordance with the criteria mentioned above, you may still feel pale or make the wrong choice. Makeup experts call the tendency to "use a foundation of a different color from your own skin tone" one of the biggest mistakes made. In order not to make this mistake when coloring your face, get help from bronzers, contour powders and blushes.

Finally, you need to know that in foundation, powder and blush; products with yellow, peach and brown shades are always hot, and products with pink shades are always on the cold scale.