How to Choose and Apply Under-Eye Concealer ?

Methods for choosing and applying the right concealer for your dark under-eyes, How to Choose and Apply Under-Eye Concealer ? Lets take a look our post

How to Choose and Apply Under-Eye Concealer ?
How to Choose Under Eye Concealer

The intense pace that you experience during the day can cause your eyelids to darken with insomnia, fatigue, and even not drinking enough water. Purple, brown under the eyes can also be swollen, ring-like in appearance. You can get rid of this look with under-eye concealer, which is a quick and practical savior. Concealers that equalize the colors under the eyes and brighten your under-eyes by reducing the appearance of rings can also revitalize and change your gaze. Of course, the most important point for this is to choose the right under-eye concealer that suits you and apply it correctly.

How should the under-eye concealer color be ?

First of all, determining your own skin tone is the most important step in applying the right makeup and choosing the right skin products. If you are not sure how to determine your skin subtone, you can check out our article What You Need to Know to Find Out your Skin Subtone. After determining your skin color, you can choose a light under-eye concealer of 1-2 tones from your skin tone. When choosing your foundation in colors that match your skin tone, remember that the most important point to make your under-eyes look bright is to choose a lighter concealer.

What color covers the under-eye bruise ?

If your under-eye bruises do not provide the desired closure with concealer, you can also get support from color equalizer applications. You can provide flawless concealer by creating a base with colors that will neutralize colors such as redness, bruising, and darkness.

If you have redness under and around your eyes, you can try using the green color. It helps to make the green blush, which is the opposite of red, become neutral. After you have thoroughly nourished it under and around your eyes, you can apply your concealer. If you have bruises under your eyes, you can still choose an under-eye concealer in yellow or orange tones that will neutralize this color. If you apply it well to your skin, there may be no trace of bruises left. For dark coffee and rings, you can also choose a product in a thin form instead of a product in a dense concealer form.

How to apply under-eye concealer ?

the other important issue as well as choosing an under-eye concealer color is how to apply it.

  • Start by moisturizing your under-eyes. Because the underside of the eyes, which is one of the most drying areas, has a thin skin, it can also get a crusty and flaky appearance.
  • After the moisturizer, you can apply your foundation if you want. Applying the concealer on the foundation does not pose any problems.
  • You can add some concealer to the starting point where you have an eye spring for the application and to the outer part of the eye.
  • You can distribute it using clean fingers, sponge or brush.
  • As a final step, you can also prevent the accumulation of concealer on the fine lines under the eyes by fixing it with a transparent powder.