How Should Night Skin Care Be? Nighttime Skin Care Routine

The importance of night skin care and the steps of a correct skin care routine are in our article.

How Should Night Skin Care Be? Nighttime Skin Care Routine
Nighttime Skin Care Routine

One of the most important steps to have a well-groomed, healthy and radiant skin is to get a regular skin care routine. Experts often emphasize the importance of skin care at least 2 times a day. Especially at night, skin care is one of the biggest keys to keeping your skin healthy. The skin repairs and regenerates itself at night while you are sleeping. If you thoroughly cleanse and moisturize your skin before going to sleep, you will help the skin to repair itself. Thanks to the breathing of your skin, you can start your day with radiant and radiant skin in the morning.

The importance of nighttime skin care

As we mentioned above, the skin regenerates itself while you are sleeping. Especially between the hours of (11.00 PM) 23.00 and (3.00 AM) 03.00, your body's metabolism works much Dec. The body puts itself to rest, and the skin cells are renewed. That Dec why getting a sleep routine where you sleep between these hours is very beneficial for both your overall health and your skin. The skin becomes dirty during the day for many reasons. Polluted air, makeup, nutrients you consume, sunscreen residues, excess sebum fill between your pores and Decontaminate your skin. These conditions that cause your pores to become clogged also cause skin problems such as acne, blackheads, and whiteheads to occur over time. With an in-depth cleansing and a good moisturizer, you can help restore your skin.

How should skin care be Nighttime ?

You can plan a daily and weekly maintenance routine for yourself.  While the daily maintenance routine consists of stages such as cleaning, washing and moisturizing, which is more practical but effective, you can also do a more detailed maintenance routine 1 or 2 times a week. In this detailed care routine, all stages of a professional care routine such as peeling, tonic, serum, massages that will relax and tighten your skin, sheet masks can be included for an in-depth refreshment after cleaning.

Nighttime Skin Care Routine

List of practical nighttime skin care routine


First of all, start by cleansing your skin. Especially if you have done makeup during the day, be sure to thoroughly clean your face with a micellar makeup removal water. Of course, as we mentioned when you don't wear makeup, weather conditions, coffee you drink, tobacco, and some foods you eat also pollute your skin. For this reason, it is important to do skin cleansing every day.

The most important thing to pay attention to is to use products that are suitable for your skin type and the needs of your skin. 

To get rid of the remnants, wash your skin thoroughly with a cleansing gel.


As the most important step of a detailed cleaning, get help from peelings that have a light granular structure. Peels deeply cleanse your skin and pores thanks to their granular structure. Thanks to this, your skin refreshes, getting rid of all the remnants.


After detailed skin cleansing, continue your care routine by using a tonic to prepare your skin for serums and moisturizers that you will use later.


Next is the moisturizing stage. Here you can use a serum before moisturizing. Serums, which are products with a high concentration; are absorbed very quickly on the skin side. That is why it is always used before the humidifier as a sequence of use. You can include a serum filled with the ingredients your skin needs in your Dec routine.

After the serum, you can strengthen the absorption by rubbing your hands together, warming your hands and gently pressing them to your face. Then don't forget to apply a moisturizer by massaging your skin with the Simple moisturizer of your choice right away.

Sheet Masks

It's time for sheet masks, which are perhaps the most enjoyable part, if the sheet mask you have chosen contains a moisturizer, you can meet your skin's moisture needs with these sheet masks on certain days of the week. Moreover, you can also stimulate your energy by doing activities where you will feel good for 10-15 minutes after sticking sheet masks to your skin that have a certain waiting time.

Face lifting massage or Gua Sha massage

if you're not using gua sha and jade roles, how about you get yourself one right away? If you use it regularly, you can also make massages made with these natural stones that tighten the skin, make the skin lines clear, help reduce the appearance of fine lines part of your night skin care routine every day if you can. After taking your sheet mask from your skin, you can try to massage it with these tools to eat the product that remains on the skin.

You can also add some natural oils to this massage routine when you are not using a sheet mask. You can complete your skin care routine with olive oil, avocado oil and jojoba oil, which have many benefits on the skin.