Eye Makeup Brushes

Hello everyone; The day is the day to talk about eye makeup brushes. I have prepared a special article about "Eye makeup brushes and their functions" with detailed reviews and my own experience. I wish you to be useful here is the continuation of our article...

Eye Makeup Brushes
Eye Makeup Brushes

The most important element when doing eye makeup is the use of quality products, as well as the selection of quality brushes. Perfectly distributed and blended headlight application is possible only with the use of a high-quality and convenient brush. This way you can achieve a professional look.

My favorite are the brushes with natural bristles for eye makeup, as well as for my face makeup brushes. I strongly recommend that you purchase a blending brush with natural bristles and a rounded tip, especially for applying headlights to the fold area. If you have previously done this procedure using synthetic bristle brushes, you will feel the difference really clearly when you switch to a natural bristle brush.

Before we start talking about the eye makeup brushes that we use in eye makeup, let's talk about our eyebrows. In the old days, there wasn't much application to the eyebrows. But nowadays thick and lush eyebrows have become fashionable, and almost all women are trying to keep up with this fashion. So, besides those who have permanent makeup, there are also women who thicken and thicken their eyebrows with makeup with products such as eyebrow pencil, eyebrow shadow, eyebrow pomade and eyebrow gel, even in the majority, I would say.

I am one of them because I am in favor of naturalness, but the color of my eyebrows is so light and so sparse that if I don't fill in my eyebrows when I make up, my face doesn't have integrity, my face remains almost frameless. That's why eyebrow makeup, in my opinion, is an important and not to be skipped step for everyone. Of course, those who have dark and bushy eyebrows themselves can skip the filling step and comb them with a transparent eyebrow gel and fix their eyebrows.

The brushes I reviewed in this article :

  • Eyebrow Brushes
  • Mixing Brushes
  • Shading Brushes
  • Pen Brushes
  • Brushes with Cut Ends
  • Eyeliner Brushes
  • Smudger Brushes
  • Eyebrow and eyelash comb - Brush

Eye Makeup Brushes - Eyebrow Brushes

Let's get to the process of filling our eyebrows, namely eyebrow makeup. I like to give shape to my eyebrows by scanning them upwards before they start to fill in. I use Mac's 204 numbers eyebrow brush for this. But you don't need to buy this brush at all, there are such eyebrow eyelash brushes available in many brands at very affordable prices.

If you are going to fill your eyebrows with eyebrow pencil, you will not need a brush anyway, but if you are going to use eyebrow shadow or eyebrow pomade, you will need a narrow-shaped eyebrow brush with a cut tip. My personal favorite is Mac's brush number 208. The old version I use, the one with natural hair. Mac now produces all its brushes using synthetic bristles, so I recommend considering this if you are going to buy new versions.

I have not tried any of the new synthetic brushes from Mac, I always have old versions, but because I trust the quality of the Mac, I think that the new versions with synthetic bristles will be as successful as the old ones.

eyebrown brushes

Mixing ”Blending" Brushes

Now the headlight brushes are next. If you are applying eyeshadow, you can distribute it with your fingers, concealer brushes, or small concealer sponges. My favorite headlight brushes are definitely the so-called “fluffy blending” blending brushes. I'm never satisfied with what I have, and I always want to buy a new one :) These brushes are used to distribute the shadow evenly over the fold area and create a transition color.

At the same time, you can soften hard lines and get a more professional image. Besides, it can also be used to distribute the headlight to the eyelid, the bottom of the lower eyelashes. Especially the Mac 217 style narrow mixing brushes are ideal for this job. You can also make a contour of the nose using a powder contour product to the edges of the nose with such brushes.

The first blending brush I bought many years ago was Mac's brush number 224.A really very successful and high-quality brush. Only because their hair is natural, they wear out as they use it, and their hair breaks and falls out. It's still one of my most favorite headlight brushes, though.

Another favorite headlight blending brush is the Inglot 6SS. This brush is also really very, very high quality and very convenient. It is a counterpart to the Mac 224, and maybe even better than it. This brush is a must-have in every makeup, I never drop it from my hand.

I have many mixing brushes similar to these brushes. There are such brushes in many brands as Missha, Nyx, Nascita, Eklips, although Missha and Nyx are not as affordable as others, but they are often discounted.The S02 brush of the So Fly Cosmetics brand, owned by youtuber and influencer Sebile Ölmez aka “Sebibebi”, is its Mac 217 counterpart and is much, much more affordable than it. The quality is really great, if you are wondering about the Mac 217 and are hesitant to buy it because of its price, you should definitely try the So Fly S02 mixing brush!

Shading Brushes

Secondly, let's talk about shading, that is, headlight placement brushes, which are called ”shading brushes". These brushes, which we use to fit the shadow on the eyelid with “pit pit” movements or to shade the outer corners, are also really very functional and are one of the must-have brushes when doing eye makeup.

They are also ideal for applying powder headlights and pigments. The best shading brushes I can recommend are; Mac 239, Inglot 16PP, Zoeva 234, So Fly Cosmetics S04. All of these brushes are incredibly successful and of high quality, I love them all. With such brushes, you can brighten your eyebrow bottoms and eye springs, and you can also apply a headlight to your lower eyelash bottoms.

Small shading brushes are smaller and narrower than shading brushes. As the name implies, it is suitable for applying to narrower areas. They definitely work a lot when doing detailed eye makeup.

Pencil Brushes

Another type of eye makeup brush is “pencil brush”, that is, a pencil brush. Maybe it's not a must-have brush for everyone, but it should definitely be in the bag of a professional makeup artist. Especially when applying ”smokey", that is, smoky eye makeup, this brush works very well. It can be used to distribute soft-tipped pencils on the upper and lower eyelash bottoms, apply an illuminating headlamp to the eye fountain, and even illuminate the underside of the eyebrow.

Like most brushes, it has many functions, and in fact, I think it's a little your choice which brush to use for which application. With this brush, you can even apply lipstick if you want!

Brushes with Cut Ends

The headlight brush with a cut tip can be used to apply shadow clearly to the fold area, again distribute shadow to the lower and upper eyelash bottoms, brighten the brow bone, and apply contours with fine lines to the edges of the nose. Mac 275S is a successful product that I can give an example of such brushes.

Eyeliner Brushes

As the name implies, the eyeliner brush with a cut tip is used to apply gel eyeliners. I think it is very necessary especially for those who like to use tail eyeliner because you can get the eyeliner application in the way you want and in the fineness thanks to this brush.

I prefer synthetic bristles on the eyeliner brushes with cut ends because they both have thinner tips and they take the product more beautifully and provide more controlled application. My favorite eyeliner brushes are Mac 263 and Inglot 31T. They are both almost identical and very successful.

Flat and thin-tipped eyeliner brush; you can draw the lines closest to the bottom of the eyelashes with this type of brush.

An oblique-tipped eyeliner brush; an alternative brush for those who have difficulty applying eyeliner thanks to its brush that curves towards the tip.

A flat and cut-off brush is a type of brush that I don't really prefer. With this kind of brush, you can apply gel eyeliner, distribute the eyeliner you have taken and make it misty, fill in the eyebrows, make the eyelash bottoms prominent and sharpen your eyebrow bottoms with the concealer. Although it is multifunctional, my hand does not really go to such brushes, because I have other favorite brushes for applications with this brush.

Eye Makeup Brushes (Short Shader) Brushes

Another type of brush is a “smudger”, that is, a dispensing brush. The difference of this from the classic shading brush is that its bristles are short in length. Thanks to this, it very beautifully distributes the eyeliner or shadow and provides a successful application of smoky makeup, so you get attractive, misty looks. This brush can also be used for many jobs again, except dispensing of course.

Eyebrow eyelash comb - brush

You can comb your eyebrows with the brush side, separate the eyelashes that are clumped from the mascara face with the comb side.

These are the most basic brushes used in eye makeup. Nowadays, there are so many kinds of brushes of so many brands that I can't keep up with them all. But these are the brushes that I've described that are most used and work the most. My favorites as a brand are definitely Mac, Sigma, Inglot and Zoeva. I hope it was a useful article for you. I am waiting for your suggestions for my next post :)

Writer: Deniz İşbil - Instagram