Benefits of Vaseline for Hair

There are benefits that Vaseline can also provide to your hair. What are the Benefits of Vaseline for Hair ? Take a look our post

Benefits of Vaseline for Hair
Benefits of Vaseline for Hair

Moisturizing gel, which we know by the Vaseline brand; has been in our lives for many years as an indispensable part of skin care. The Vaseline mixture creates a protective barrier on the skin, trapping the existing moisture. According to the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD), it has multiple skin care uses. These range from helping the skin heal to relieving dry skin and improving nail health... even these benefits can extend to your hair!

To learn more about the benefits of Vaseline for hair, read on.

What are the benefits of Vaseline for hair ?

When it comes to the benefits of vaseline for hair, some argue that it can be an easy way to combat scalp dryness, and they may be right in this. The American Academy of Family Physicians recommends the use of Vaseline to manage the host problem in infants. Some, on the other hand, say that a small amount of Vaseline can be used as a styling gel to reduce frizz, but still this content can be too heavy for thin hair.

How to apply Vaseline to the hair ?

Depending on the benefits you are looking for, there are several ways to use vaseline on your hair. Although there is not much evidence that you will get noticeable results, we can say that there is not much risk of trying. If you have never used Vaseline before, be sure to do a patch test first.

For the hair health

Although there is no research that it promotes hair growth, you can try applying it to your hair by taking a small amount of Vaseline on your finger. Aim for the product to be no more than the size of a pea. Gently massage your scalp. Do this procedure once a week.

You can also try applying a small amount to the ends of your hair to potentially prevent breakage. Some argue that it can also be effective to make a hair mask with vaseline for healthier-looking hair. If you also want to make a vaseline mask for your hair, you can try to leave the vaseline in your hair overnight or just for a few hours.

Alternatively, you can apply vaseline on top of your favorite moisturizing hair mask. The protective properties of Vaseline can help trap moisture from the treatment. If you choose a night mask, do not forget to cover your head with something like a cap to prevent staining of your sheets.

Vaseline for eyebrows and eyelashes

You can also use Vaseline for eyebrow and eyelash care. Apply it to the eyebrows several times a day, in a very small amount - it should be smaller than a grain of rice-.

You can also apply vaseline on the eyelashes before going to bed.

Vaseline is not comedogenic nevertheless, the AAD warns that if you are prone to acne, do not apply it on your face. Be sure to also keep the product away from your eyes. If it gets into your eyes, wash it off with warm water.

Does Vaseline make hair grow ?

Our hair grows by about 15 cm per year. Those who do not want to wait for this period can look for various miracles to quickly grow their hair. Vaseline gives quite a lot of ingredients for both your hair, and eyelashes, and eyebrows. The theory behind this is extremely simple. The protective layer formed by vaseline can trap moisture in moisturizing products. This, in turn, can make your hair less prone to breakage.

Nevertheless, there is no scientific evidence to support this widespread claim that vaseline makes your hair grow faster. It can protect your hair from breakage and dryness, but it will not make your hair grow faster.

Some also warn against applying Vaseline to the scalp or face, claiming that it can create a breeding ground for bacteria and even block the hair follicles. But there is also no evidence to support these claims.

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Does Vaseline prevent dandruff ?

This is one of the most curious questions about the benefits of Vaseline for hair. If the cause of your dandruff problem is the drying of your scalp, vaseline can help alleviate the problem by providing the necessary moisture. However, because dandruff can have different causes, if you have a severe dandruff problem, be sure to consult your doctor for the right treatment.

If you want to apply vaseline to your hair to combat dandruff, try massaging your scalp with a small amount of vaseline before rinsing with shampoo.

How to clean Vaseline from hair ?

Now you know what the benefits of Vaseline for hair are. But here is one very important thing to remember: Vaseline is incredibly difficult to get out of the hair, especially if it is used too much. When you want to clean it from your hair, shampoo is the best option. To get rid of the feeling of oiliness, you may need to wash your hair several times with warm water. If your usual shampoo formula does not seem to be very effective, try adding a teaspoon of baking soda.